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The Waterbar Restaurant and Bar

What We Do Best

The main floor at Waterbar features dramatic, 19-foot tall, five-foot diameter, floor-to-ceiling circular aquariums filled with an eye-catching array of fish and marine life from the Pacific Ocean, while walls of vividly illuminated fish tanks display a gallery of fresh catches available on that day's menu. The extravagant cascading raw bar, towering with shellfish and lit through glistening ice, sets the tone for the raw bar dining area. A hand-blown glass "caviar" chandelier serves as the focal point in the bar area, adding a festive sparkle to the proceedings, and the open kitchen fills the main dining room with a lively — and deliciously aromatic — brasserie ambiance.

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San Francisco

No submersion required, this place jumps like salmon in the fall. The bar is the best spot to imbibe and appetize. Trust the folks with the satisfied grins behind the bar. They’ll set you right before you can say ‘up with a twist’.


399 The Embarcadero South, San Francisco, CA

399 The Embarcadero South, San Francisco, CA