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What We Do Best

The bar here at Absinthe was built on the tradition, honor, and long history of the classic cocktail. Our drinks contain at least a dash of the eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries, when some of America’s most treasured cocktails were first created. Our knowledge of the past connects us with our bartending forefathers—their creations and traditions. As we see it, we are cocktail explorers, fortune-hunting our way through history and pouring our discoveries for future imbibers.

Absinthe Restaurant

San Francisco

From adaptations from the 1850’s like the Crusta to Harry Craddock’s 1930’s Old Havana to Sacred Heart’s liquid sublimity that features once banned spirit absinthe, you can commit cocktail revelry for more than just one evening at Absinthe.

Imagination is never in short supply here.

"Ultimately everything we do comes from a sensibility of understanding the history of what bartenders did before us in that golden age of cocktails from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s - while still looking forward to the future, progressing and trying to do new and interesting things”   –Jeff Hollinger, GM


398 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA

398 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA