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Isn't the line of this glass stunning? At once it takes me back to the 40's and at the same time catapults me forward to the next modern age. I love the gentle coupe style rim and the long elegant stem. You'll absolutely adore these glasses as will the recipient you also send them to!
Jeanne at CT

Willsberger Martini Coupe Cocktail, Set of 2

Part of the Willsberger Collection, this is an impressive long stemmed crystal glass. The slight curve at the top creates a coupe feel allowing the glass to be used as a martini or coupe. Developed over 20 years ago, in cooperation with Johann Willsberger, the series still commands respect in the realms of top gastronomy. The distinctive profile is matchless,timeless and to this day unduplicated."


Martini Coupe Cocktail 9 1/6 oz.
Set of 2 glasses

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