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I love the design, look and durability of these glasses. If you own other glasses from the Pure line, you should add these versatile tumblers. If you don't, but these. You'll absolutely love them. The gentle angle on the base and the slight narrowing to the rim creates an appealing profile.
Jeanne at CT

Schott Zweisel Pure Collins, Set of 6

Pure enables a true gourmet experience. With Pure, connoisseurs and talented novices can present their cocktails in stunning style and quality. After all, savoir faire demands the right glass for the right occasion. Made of Schott Zweisel's proprietary crytal technique, TritanĀ®, the Tossa line is brilliant in appearance, dishwasher safe and has improved break resistance.

Pure Collins by Schott Zweisel 18.3oz Set of 6

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