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Laughing Buddha



Sit back for a minute and think about the imagination, science and persistence it would have taken to create this liquid masterpiece. The symmetry accomplished in this cocktail between sweet and sour, salty and spicy is sublime. While the Five Spice Simple Syrup requires a few extra steps, your efforts will be tremendously rewarded.

Laughing Buddha Cocktail Ingredients
  • 4 - ¼” blocks Fresh Ginger
  • 1 Small Sliver Serrano Chile
  • ½ oz. Five Spice Simple Syrup*
  • -Muddle 1st 3 ingredients
  • ½ lime Fresh Squeezed Lime juice
  • 2 oz. Hangar One Buddhist Hand Vodka
  • Goslin’s Ginger Beer
  • ---
  • *Five Spice Simple Syrup
  • 2T Black Peppercorns
  • 1T White Peppercorns
  • 1 Large Cinnamon Stick
  • 2 Star Anise Pods
  • 1t Whole Cloves
  • ½” slice, diced Fresh Ginger
  • 16 oz.Water
  • 1t Sea Salt
  • 16 oz. Agave Nectar


Fill a Collins glass with ice. Place the first 3 ingredients into a Boston Shaker and muddle to open up the flavors and break down the spices. Add the lime juice and vodka. Add ice to the Boston Shaker and shake. Use a Winchester strainer and strain into the Collins glass while simultaneously pouring Goslin’s Ginger Beer into the glass, add straws and garnish with a fresh slice of ginger.

Five Spice Simple Syrup

Boil the water and add the ingredients through the fresh ginger. Return the mixture to boiling and add the sea salt and the agave nectar and simmer, stirring frequently. Remove from the heat and allow the mixture to cool. Cover tightly and chill overnight in a refrigerator. Using a chinois, strain into a large jar. The syrup will keep refrigerated for about 3 weeks.

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