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Gitane’s bar gypsies delight again with this refreshing cocktail. The fennel and pear play so well together, while smoothing out the botanicals in the gin. The Ginger liquor adds a subtle snap that brings everything together and cleans the palate. You’ll find yourself easily lost in the unexpected depth of this libation. Great with food and equally as tasty if made with vodka.

Frescura Cocktail Ingredients
  • 1.5oz Bluecoat gin (or vodka)
  • ¼ bar spoon of lavender honey
  • 1oz fresh chopped fennel root
  • .5 oz lemon juice
  • .5 oz Gingembre (ginger liquor, may use Canton)
  • .75 oz Mathilde de Poire


Place the honey in a pint glass, rough chop the fennel root and add. Place the remaining ingredients and muddle the fennel for a minute or more to release its essential oils. Use a Winchester strainer and a fine strainer and pour into your chilled martini glass. Slap a single leaf of mint to release its aromatics, and gently place on top.

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